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My name is Júlia and I'm really excited about participating at School at Sea, but I still face a few challenges. Click in "read more" to know how you can help me.

School at Sea is a project where students spend six months aboard a Tall Ship, learning and broadening their horizonts.

If you want to help me turn this dream into reality, please click here.

Read about my sponsors and their different contributes!


Amélia Cara D' Anjo;

Ana Adegas;

Catarina Alisiani;

Catarina Azevedo;

Família Lavrador;

Família Freitas Silva;

João Rangel de Almeida;

João Moura;

Jorge Cândido;

Madalena Farrow;

Maria Trigoso;

Mariana Santos;

Martim Reis;

Paula Luís;

Rosa Vieira de Almeida;

Rui Esteves;

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